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Agile Webhosting
Agile Like a Shark

Webhosting should be easy to use and reliable. With high speed SSD’s and unlimited resources like CPU and RAM combined with autoscaling and loadbalancing, you and your website are agile like sharks.

Eat your competition.
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What sets us apart from our competition?

The webhosting space is crowded. But we have found a way to distict ourselves from the competition. Your main advantages over other webhosting businesses are unlimited resources, unlimited inodes and free Edge Caching technology.

fast support

Fast Support

You can easily create a support ticket in your dashboard. Our Web Hosting Support Team Is Friendly, Knowledgeable & Ready To Help!

ultra fast SSD servers

Super Fast

Fast loading websites and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 100% SSD Drives that speed up our websites with 200% compared to standard HDD.

unlimited storage

Unlimited Storage

Is the size of your project running out of control? We’ve got you covered! From Basic pack and higher you have unlimited GB of storage .

unlimited resources


When the standard given resources like CPU and RAM are not sufficient, the system will automatically add extra power to handle it. Our system can automatic scale to handle sudden traffic spikes.

free SSL certificates

FREE SSL Certificates

Paying for SSL? No way! A SSL-certificate is generated on auto-pilot when you add a domain name. Exalo Hosting and Let’s Encrypt have got your back!

edge caching technology

Caching Technology

Our Professional and Enterprise hosting plans come with edge caching technology. Increase your website speed without extra cost or hassle.

Our Hosting Options

Linux Hosting

Linux is the most common option for website hosting. We have made some adjusments so the speed is better than our competition has.

Our Linux cloud hosting solutions do not have a single point of failure. It offers your website the best possible infrastructure.

Our cloud hosting plans start at €1 monthly. Your website on our Content Delivery Network is included in that price!

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress webhosting offers speed optimization and automatic updates. It also has built in WordPress tools for you.

Create a staging environment for your development and testing. 

Better management for themes, plugins, users and database. THAT is our WordPress hosting solution. Check our plans now. 

Windows® Webhosting

Perfectly tunes IIS that boosts your ASP website. Even from the starter plan we offer UNLIMITED SSD space for your website and files.

Everything you need for your business. Join us now.